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The best ever 1Password sidekick

Fill sensitive information with ease

Keep calm and forget your passwords. Your brain deserves a break.

Fill Logins

Automatically sign in with a single click. Save even more time by having 1Password automatically submit logins for you.

Fill Identities

One click can automatically fill out long, tedious signup forms or shipping details when shopping online.

Fill Credit Cards

Let 1Password fill your Credit Card information for you. 1Password will save you so much time, you'll need a new app to track it all.

Start behaving securely

When you don't have to remember your passwords, you can stop caring what they look like.

Generate Strong Passwords

Let 1Password create and save incredibly strong, unique passwords for every site, app, and service.


Save even more-er time by allowing 1Password to automatically save new Logins for you.

Manual Save

Save more than just Logins. Use Manual Save to save complex web forms.